Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mardi Gras Rock & Roll Half Marathon

I ventured out to New Orleans for the inaugural Mardi Gras Rock & Roll Half Marathon. What an awesome trip. Every time I run a half marathon, I feel like I've added 13.1 years to my life. This one may be #6, but it feels like the first time all over again. I've corrected my errors from my previous three races, and crossed the finish line in 2:19:21. Running is not easy. I surprise myself every time. People ask me all the time what runner's high is all about. The only way I can explain it is to show it:

Nola has become my new favorite city, surpassing Paris, Las Vegas, and Cairo. Aside from bad customer service that I received from the Queen & Crescent Hotel, I have no complaints about New Orleans. I will definitely return. Special thanks to Jud and Joanna Wickersham for their hospitality.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bay Trail 4M

Another Dolphin South End Runners ribbon to add to my collection! I followed up my success at The Presidents Day 10k last week with the Oyster Point 4 Mile run this morning. I finished in 37 minutes at a 9:15 pace. After crossing the finish line, I started again! I jogged a mile out to meet Christine & Luis, and we wogged (walk/jogged) back. This bodes well for my confidence as I prepare for my next half marathon in New Orleans next week. Feelin' Good!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Presidents Day 10K

I was supposed to have run a 5k on Presidents Day, but when I found out there was a 10k as well, I jumped at the chance. Why not? It was at Coyote Point, my old stomping grounds. I'm glad I did, because not only did I get a PR, but I managed to figure out what my problem areas are. As a result, I was able to finish this race in 55:41 at an 8:59 pace. WOO HOO!! Christine Clark did pretty well too!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Surf City USA Half Marathon

Cowabunga Dude!! Half Marathon #5 completed. I am one third of the way to my California Dreaming medal! Now I just have to complete the San Francisco and Long Beach marathons. Today was a good day. My official time is 2:23:58. I will continue to work hard to achieve my personal record, but for now, I am basking in the glory of completing my fifth 13.1 miler. Woo Hoo!

The best part about this race? I got to run it with my friends Brian and Suzy. These two ran the 5k, and I have to commend them on a job well done, considering that they pushed a baby stroller the whole way! Props to the Young family, and thank you for being such gracious hosts to Endorphin Dude!