Sunday, March 21, 2010

Surgical Artistry Modesto Half Marathon

This past year has been been pretty amazing for me with all this running, and it all started in this little town called Modesto. I ran my first 5k there, and then my first 10k. It's only fitting that I run the Surgical Artistry Modesto Half Marathon. I had to. There's definitely a soft spot in my heart for Modesto, and this race, my 8th half marathon, was definitely special. I had such a huge support system who ran the race with me, and I really needed it. I had a tough time, as my left knee started to act up the night before, but I jog/walked the 13.1 miles and finished in 2:39:19.5 at a 12:10 pace. I'm in a lot of pain right now. I hope this pain goes away in the next few days. I'll be honest and say the runner's high only lasted about 12 minutes this time around. The pain canceled out the endorphins. Hopefully, I will recover and heal soon.

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