Sunday, August 14, 2011

Brisbane Scenic Run 5k

My plans to run a 50k/marathon ultra double this weekend got foiled when the warning light on my car went off.  Better safe than sorry (or dead!), I turned around and headed back home.  Not all was lost because I got a recovery 5k in today with my running club! 

When I read the course description, I thought to myself, "sweet, easy race after a pretty brutal 50k."  Boy, was I wrong.  This was one hilly 5k!  I ended up walking this 3.1 miler, which was a smart move, as I had quite a few blisters from yesterday on both my feet.  I also had a chiweenie with me and walking partner who wore jeans.  Who wears jeans to a 5k?

I ask again, who wears jeans to a 5k?
Damn blisters. Please just pick me up and take me to the finish line!
Finish line photo!

Chris Bliss, the woman in the jeans, is going to spike my Cytomax if I don't give an explanation for the denim.  What happened was that she wasn't expecting to do this race, so she had not done any laundry.  I talked her into coming with me and Ultra Woof, since I wasn't running my SoCal marathon. Miss Bliss threw on the jeans expecting to volunteer at the registration desk.  However, when we got there, the race directors had everything under control, so she ended up walking the 5k.  In jeans.  Everyone was so confused by "That Woman In Jeans."  Well, I just set the record straight!

So I didn't get to run my ultra marathon double, no big deal.  I got to do something a lot better: I got to be with my DSE family.  On a final note, I do have to say that my archrival, that 5 year old boy, beat me again!  Not sure what I have to do, but this is definitely beginning to affect my psyche.  I think it's time to find a sports psychologist.

My archrival with my dog.


  1. LOL I will have to show this blog to my lil mini runner, AKA the endorphin stealer, archrival of endorphin dude!

  2. 1) Have you found out what the warning light was about?
    2) You look positively skinny, especially in that hitchhiker picture. Are you that bad of a cook?
    3) Jeans are fine race apparel. (I've gotten attitude for wearing them before, so I know how Chris Bliss feels. But doing a race spur of the moment is the cool thing to focus on!)

  3. "You look positively skinny." All that training from Tyra Banks paid off!