Saturday, June 2, 2012

Nitro Trail Half Marathon

The finish line. Finally.

Yeah, this is what I looked like when I inched my way into that finish line. One week has passed and every muscle in my body is still screaming "DAMN YOU NANNY GOAT!" It doesn't help that I have residual blisters at the bottom of both my feet from that 88 miler. On top of all that, I am still suffering from Nanny Goat PTSD. It's not easy knowing that there was only 12 little miles left and your body and mind completely breaks down on you. It's going to take some time for me to fully recover from Nanny Goat. That's why the Nitro Trail Half Marathon is very important to me. I needed to be around my Brazen peeps. I needed to hear, "88 Miles! YOU ROCK!" I needed that It's It. I got all those things and a little more.

Brazen always brings out the good in me. Being around my Brazen family helped me realize how good I have it, and how far I have come. Since flipping the switch to BEAST MODE, I have lost 21 pounds, PR'ed in the marathon after 54 tries, improved my 50k time by two hours and my 50 miler by ten, nailed 88 whopping miles at Nanny Goat, and gained a whole lot of confidence and pride.  I need to remind myself of all this and not be too consumed with not having that belt buckle. If anything, dropping at mile 88 has motivated me even more. I will get that belt buckle, but for now, I will continue to focus on training and fitness. I finished dead last today, and I am totally ok with that. I may be hurting physically, but the pain that I felt inside before the race quickly vanished once I saw all those Brazen smiles.

Happy 50th Race Brazen!!
Trailquake My Heart!
Me and the Doggie Nanny.
Jonesy, Ellen, and me.
Even without the cape, I can fly!
Still running. At least that's why I call it.
Janeth ran 42 miles for her 42nd birthday!
Jonesy got two medals because he ran the 42 miles with Janeth. 

Thanks for being there, Brazen.

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