Saturday, August 28, 2010

Run For The Blue & Gold 5K

I am deviating from the norm with this post. No picture of me. I'll wait 5 minutes for you to get off of the floor and recover from shock ..... ready? Ok.

So as I was saying, I am deviating from the norm and posting a picture of my friend Michelle. This girl did something spectacular this morning: Michelle ran her first 5k, and she did it in a little over 42 minutes! I ran by her side and paced her, and throughout the whole 3.1 miles, she focused on the task at hand and ran the distance. You have to understand Michelle's background to fully appreciate why this feat is so spectacular. Long story short, Michelle's health was quickly deteriorating, so she made some healthy changes in her life. She started the Couch To 5k program and is now training for her first half marathon. On October 17th, Michelle will be running her first 13.1 miler at the Nike Women's Half Marathon, and if she does what she did today on race day, she should have no problem crossing that finish line.

Congratulations Michelle on completing your first 5k! Keep up the good work. Fans and supporters of Endorphin Dude, please check out Michelle's Team In Training site, and please feel free to throw some coins at her.

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