Sunday, August 15, 2010

Walt Stack Trail 10K Run

I spent a good part of Saturday night doing laundry. I didn't realize how much dirty laundry I had. At the end of the night, I cranked out three loads. I started this laundry stuff at about 10pm, thinking I'd be done in one hour. I was wrong! I ended up finishing at about 3am. I blame dirty laundry for my poor showing at the Walk Stack Trail 10k Run!

I jest. Not about the laundry, because I really did stay up until 3am doing laundry. I jest about blaming the laundry. I blame myself for poor time management. I knew I had a 10k to run in the morning, yet I still stayed up through the night. At least I had clean shorts for the 10k!

I am proud of myself for getting out of bed and making it over to Crissy Field for this race. When I crossed that finish line, I cheered! I don't care if it's 6.2 miles or 26.2 miles, I'm always happy when I'm done! I had to work for this one. I was tired and at times my mind kept telling me to stop. However, I persevered. I pushed through and completed the 10k in a little over one hour and 17 minutes. Yay!

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  1. Congratulations Tony! Thanks for sending me a message on Facebook and inviting me to your blog. I am so inspired by all of your accomplishments and look forward to following your journey! One thing I notice as I look through your finish line pictures is your contagious smile. You were born to do this!