Saturday, December 11, 2010

Summit Rock Half Marathon

There have been races where I feared the DNF. For the Summit Rock Half Marathon, I actually feared the DNS. I was very under the weather the day before and I didn't think that I would be able to show up. However, thanks to shot of NyQuil and a good night sleep, I woke up ready to run.

Brazen Racing puts on awesome events. The Summit Half Marathon was very well organized and the people are very friendly. The only issue I had with this race is not the organizer's fault. Damn hills! Also, my inexperience with trails made it very challenging for me. Dude, check out this elevation chart:

Nonetheless, I soldiered through, climbing what felt like Mount Everest minus the altitude. When I reached the top, I took a shot of GU, looked at the trail straight in the eye and said, "I'm going to run you down!" However, my plan got foiled because of my fear of tripping over a twig and falling on my face. So I plugged along alone in the woods, skipping over rocks and dodging poison oak. It took what felt like an eternity, but when I reached the finish line, I cheered!

Trail races are hard for me, and I worked hard to get to the finish line. It took me 4 and half hours, but I did it. I'd like to reiterate that me being sick the day before had nothing to do with me taking this long to finish. Trails are extremely difficult for me and it will take a while before I can complete a sub-4 trail race! I'm happy to be done and I'm happy with my bad ass medal with a bad ass bird ready to attack!


  1. Sweet medal! Trail races make me nervous. There is a five-mile trail race here in two weeks, but I'm really worried about hurting myself. The only times that I can run, it's dark, so practicing on a trail isn't an option. Do you have any tips?

  2. Hey, Endorphine Dude! Just ran into your blog -- love it! I'm a DSE member now (I waited for the year to roll around before joining). I do a bunch of races in SF too... hope to see you around!!

    p/s: impressive running resume! i went down to the 24-hour run to cheer and I bet I saw you!! Crappy I didn't know of your blog before then otherwise I would have made it a point to take a picture with you. :)

    Happy new year,


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