Sunday, December 19, 2010

Zombie Runner Bay Trail Half Marathon

I've always wanted to wake up at 5am on a Sunday morning to run through mud. That has always been my life long dream. NOT! Why oh why do I do this to myself? Do I really love running that much?? I am reluctant to say it, simply because I'm having flashbacks of the cold, rain, and mud as I type this, but the answer is yes. Yes, I really love running so much that I will do stuff like this!

I ran my 35th half marathon today. Well, saying that I "ran" it is a gross exaggeration. I walked it. I walked all of it. The Zombie Runner Bay Trail Half Marathon was nothing like the trail half that I ran the previous week. This one was flat. I walked it because of the rain and mud. I really didn't want to slip and slide into the wet dirt!

About half way through this race, the rain came down hard. Unfortunately, I tried to take some pictures of strutting geese when the downpour happened, and my camera officially died. Hence I have no photos other than the one of my ASICs covered in mud, which I took with my iPhone. This is a shame because I had some great shots with Half Fanatics Mattsaur and Mae Kim, newly minted Marathon Maniac Martha, and the legendary Guinness Book of World Record holder for the most marathons by a female in one calendar year Yolanda Holder. In any case, I walked this whole race with my running partner, Alva Woof. It took us about 4 and half hours to cross that finish line. I'm ok with that. Hey, it's been a long year.

Next up for Endorphin Dude will be the New Year's One Day 12 Hour race. I am so ready to run around a lagoon for 12 hours. This will be final race of 2010.

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