Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bad Bass 5k

Seriously, how cool is this medal?

This is the most important weekend of my running life: San Francisco Marathon Weekend!  As you all know, I ran my very first full marathon here in my home town one year ago, and that was truly a defining moment in my life.  Fast forward one year and I'm ready to do it again.  This is my marathon and this weekend is not just about running 26.2 miles, but about celebrating life, good health, and happiness.  I wanted to be well rested for this huge event so that I could fully enjoy every kilometer of *MY* marathon.  Why then did I choose to run a 5k the day before?  Because I am a bling whore, and there's no denying it.  I ran the Bad Bass 5k just for the medal.  Come on, look at that bad ass Bad Bass fish on that medal!  I had to have it!

True confessions: to say that I "ran" this race would be a gross fallacy.  I walked it.  No, to say that I walked it would be another false statement!  Let's just say that I got through this 5k in just a little under two hours.  Along with my partner in crime, Ultra Woof, and my long time Denver running buddy Michelle, we strolled our way through Lake Chabot like little old ladies at the grocery store.  There was no point in tiring out our bodies before the San Francisco Marathon, and we sure had a lot of fun out there.  It didn't matter to us that most of the 10k'ers finished before us.  Heck, it didn't phase us when some of the half marathoners got to the finish line before us!  And you know what?  We didn't even bat an eye when a six year old girl and a four year old boy passed us up!  It was all about having fun, and the three of us had exactly that!

Paparazzi!  Gotta make it "look" like we're running!
This was the "Western States" portion of the race.
Gotta get the BQ!  Who am I kidding, I was running for the BBQ.
Finish line!  We did it!

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