Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dolphin South End 6 Hour Run

My running club put on a 6 hour race one day after the Dirty Dozen 12 Hour Endurance Run.  I knew there was no possible way I could pull off a 50k in six hours, so pushed myself to run the half marathon distance.  Any other day, this would have been possible, but my legs just couldn't bear it after being attacked by killer acorns and murderous twigs at the Dirty Dozen!  I was only able to squeeze out 10 miles.

Feeling a lot lighter!  I lost 20 pounds!
Now this is team work!
There's Mae!
Me and one of my favorite Marathon Maniacs, Martha!
Here I am with the DSE President!
Congrats to Chris Bliss for pulling out two back to back half marathons!  Congrats to Ultra Woof for pulling out the triple: DSE 6 Hour, DSE 5k, and the Dirty Dozen 34 miler!

I am totally ok with my 10 miles. Even if I hadn't run the 12 hour race the day before, I would have been perfectly fine with not hitting the half marathon mark.  The reason why is because this was a DSE event.  I love my running club.  It's always like a family reunion. I summed up my feelings about this club in my Dolby South End Awards Ceremony & Gala race report.  Here is the repost:

I woke up at 7am every Sunday I wasn't running a marathon or half last year so that I could hang out with these folks.  These people have made my life better in so many ways. When I received my first DSE ribbon, I gushed like a little kid who just won an award.  I absolutely loved that ribbon, and I proudly displayed it on my wall! Until the 2009 San Jose Rock & Roll Half Marathon, my first 13.1 miler, I had never won any award for any sporting event. I was that fat kid who always got picked last in PE, so any award I received for running, big or small, is cherished.  Since that first race with this cool running club, I have collected many more ribbons as well as 38 half marathon and 26 full marathon medals.  I have come a long way with my running, and I owe a lot of it to the folks at DSE.  There is definitely a sense of community here.  The support I receive from them helps me to improve.  I know that I am always in the back of the pack, but I work hard to finish, and it's so nice to have cheerleaders on the sidelines encouraging me when I cross that finish line at every race.  I am very lucky to be a part of this awesome club.

Woo Hoo!