Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hoover Dam Marathon

It's Halloween weekend, and if the Marathon Gods are kind to me, then I will get a big 52.4 mile treat rather than a tainted little poison GU trick that will knock me out of the Titanium race. Time is running out for Endorphin Dude, and it is imperative that I nail this challenging double weekend. Logistically, pulling off the Hoover Dam Marathon in Nevada on Saturday and then hopping on a plane back to northern California for the Zombie Runners Halloween Marathon in Palo Alto is manageable, but it would take some very careful planning and race efficiency. Oh yeah, it's also Halloween, so your Marathon Caped Crusader had some tricks up his Endorphin sleeve. Maybe I can confuse the Marathon Gods into thinking I am someone else and get a free pass? Hmm...

Happy Halloween, Dave Mari!

I arrived in Las Vegas early Friday morning. Thanks to fellow Marathon Maniac Ultra Pussy...Cat and his Hello Kitty wife Melissa, I saved myself about $300 and a lot of headaches this weekend. This very kind pair of pussy cats picked me up at the airport, chauffeured me around every where, provided shelter for me, and pretty much eased all traveling anxiety so that I could focus on the race. Thank you kitties, MEOW!

Don't you just love these Marathon Maniac monikers? Mr. U.P...C got his name because he's one big! Also confined in the Marathon Maniac insane asylum with  Endorphin Dude and Ultra Pussy...Cat are Ultra Woof, Dianasaur, The Mo, Walking Diva, Mad Hatter Fancy Pants, The Italian Stallion, The Manimal, Lyle Lyle Crocodile, Jessica Wabbitz, Coconut Boy, Cadillac Steve, and JoJo Starbucks. How's that for a motley crew? Oh yeah, I forgot about that one guy who always wears that monkey shirt. What's that guy's name again?

*Now Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Program*
After getting my dam bib pinned on my dam shirt, putting my dam timing chip on my dam Mizunos, and filling up my dam Gatorade in my dam Nathan Pack, I got some dam sleep. I was ready for this Dam Marathon! We got up at dark o'clock and headed out to the dam start line. On your marks, get set, GO!!!!!

Yes, dark o'clock. Where is the head lamp when you need it most?
"You'll traverse a hard packed dirt trail leading you through several old railroad tunnels that were used in the 1930s to transport supplies to the workers in the construction of the then Boulder Dam- now Hoover Dam. The trail is perched atop of a ridge overlooking the crystal blue waters of Lake Mead and the marina." - Calico Racing
I see the light!
Damn you Marathon Junkie! I really wanted to win this one!
There's Martha Corazzini running down the hill. If you rearrange the letters in her name, you get "Marathon Crazzii." Indeed, she is!
And there's Marathon Maniac Diva, Bryndis Svavarsdottir, running down the hill.
One of my favorite Marathon Maniacs, Diane Adele. I like this picture for two reasons: A) Diane is in it, and B) The shadow looks like a violin player behind us!
Jasmin Flores' Dad!
And of course, there's Jasmin!
Gotta love the Halloween costumes.
And there's Ultra Pussy...Cat! Loving the jammies. He looks like a biker thug who just rolled out of bed.
I finally got to meet Karen "Evil Twin" Weston Vollan. I hear she's really evil.
How' this for a happy bunch? Giovanni Guevarra ran the whole race with the American Flag! Also pictured are fellow Marathon Maniacs, Elizabeth Trask and Hector Aleman. The four of us shared some miles together. The best moment was when Giovanni said to me, "I gotta tell you. I had heard so much about Endorphin Dude. When I finally met you, I was like 'wow, I pictured you to be this tall, dark, and handsome super hero! And then I see that you're not!'" I know that Giovanni meant that in the nicest way possible, but it just came out that way! The four of us had a good laugh.
Maniac super star Larry Macon and Steffan Schneider sporting the Maniac yellow!
I got so excited when I saw the very pregnant Bobbi Galindo on the course. I was so happy she wasn't running, because after being beaten by the pregnant woman who two hours later went to give birth after the Chicago Marathon, I didn't want to be beaten again by a pregnant woman!
Yay! Mile 26!

Dam! I am da man! I am a shaker and a mover and today I ran The Hoover. Dam! Woo Hoo! I made it through the first hurdle of this marathon double this weekend. Chasing Titanium is tough, and it's only going to get more challenging from here on out. In order to stay on track, I will need to complete four more double headers and a triple. I just have to be patient and take it one race at a time. After crossing that dam finish line, I couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief. This race wasn't initially on my schedule, but I'm sure glad I ran it. I'd like to give a special shout out to race director Joyce Forier for putting on this awesome event, to Ryan and Melissa Launder for taking care of me, to Ryan's sister Alicia for letting me sleep in her guest room, and to all the Marathon Maniacs who high fived me along the course. You all gave me the treat that I desperately needed this Halloween weekend!

Life time marathon #44 done. Titanium score board: 37 down, 15 to go. DAM!