Sunday, October 30, 2011

Zombie Runners Halloween Marathon

I had to confuse the Marathon Gods. In order to get to that finish line, I figured if I went all sexy Jessica Wabbitz on them, they'll get all excited and give me a tail wind to push me along. I don't think they bought it, but they did show me some mercy in convincing the race directors to give me an early start. With an additional 60 minutes tacked on to the 7.5 cut off time, I knew I could comfortably hop along and get this one done. After Mari-ing (yes, I just turned Dave Mari's surname into a verb) through that Dam Marathon yesterday and having to deal with the added stress of a delayed flight which didn't get me back home until a little before midnight, I was very grateful for that 8.5 hour cut off time. I hopped along for the first few miles and then my little bunny legs pooped out. I walked the rest of the way, milking the clock for all it was worth.

Crack of dawn!
This is the Zombie Runners Halloween Marathon, and sure enough, a Zombie Runner showed up!
One of my all time favorite pics of the year. There's Catra Corbett and Ultra Woof having so much fun. Even without runners high (this was early on in the race), these two are loving life. That's what running is all about!
Quote of the day from a kid walking on the trail with his mom: "Mommy! It's a bunny and a fairy!"
Yes, I milked the clock for all it was work. My legs were dead tired by the time I reached the end, but I got it done! The Marathon Gods smiled upon me and rewarded me with this 52.4 mile finish because they knew I dug keep to get to both finish lines. Life time marathon #45 is in the books!

I really needed this double. Injuries have really thrown a wrench in my Titanium quest. Had it not been for the bulging disc, the sciatica, the capsulitis of the right second metatarsal phalanges joint, and the random kidney stones, I would still be on track. In a perfect world, I would have hit the half way mark at the Seattle Rock 'N' Roll Half Marathon back in June. However, the culmination of these unfortunate events pushed me far behind schedule. As are result, I did not make it to #26 until the end of August, and will now have to cram in the doubles and triples this late in the game. I am Endorphin Dude! I can and will do this!

Titanium Score Board: 38 down, 14 to go!