Saturday, December 17, 2011

Deck The Halls Marathon

It's my final weekend of car camping in the Mini-bago! I am ecstatic that I will no longer need to sit through Friday rush hour traffic as I inch along 400 miles to southern California. No more snoozing in my car in random parking lots so I could run a race at dark o'clock early Saturday morning. Woo hoo!

Titanium is really taking it's toll on me. My body and mind are absolutely beat. You know when you're in trouble when you cramp up before the race. I found myself sleeping in my car in an alley behind a gas station in El Segundo. I woke up with a slight cramp in my leg. I got out of the Mini-bago, stretched a bit, took a make shift shower in the form of bottled water splashed on me, and headed to the start line. I tried to run but my legs were not having it, so I did my version of the power jog. Thank goodness there were no cameras around.

I really struggled through this marathon. My feet hurt and my legs stiffened up, but I had to get it done. I kept plugging along patiently. It took me awhile to get to that finish line, but I got there. I stayed focused and kept my eyes on the prize.

Early morning sun rise.
Love these two random trees. It's like a really tall person standing next to a short one.
Lonely bicycle.
The plane! The plane!

#50 for the year! Can't believe it. It seems like it has taken a decade to get here. I am soooo close. ONLY TWO TO GO!!!

Titanium Score Board: 50 down, 2 to go.