Sunday, December 11, 2011

Seasons Greetings Marathon

There's someone behind me, isn't there.

This is the course for the Seasons Greetings Marathon. 13.1 miles along a canal in Riverside, CA, and then back. My legs were aching after the rattle snake marathon the day before, so I decided to run this with my dog. Who am I kidding, the chiweenie can't run. We walked it. Listen to me, now I'm blaming my 6 pound mutt for me not running. Ok, ok, ok, I walked this whole race with my dog because I was dog tired! There, I said it.

If Chewbacca could run a full marathon with me, I'd take her to all my races. However, my dog has the legs the size of French fries, so she can really only last about a 5k. I have to carry her in her doggie back pack most of the way. She did very well at the canal though, clocking in about 4 miles of walking. After that, she got tired, so I stuck her in the chiweenie dorm on my back. Geez, I wish I could have someone piggy back me for 22 miles. Having Chewbacca along for this walk-a-thon helped ease my aching legs and mind. It felt like 2009 all over again when the two of us took those long urban hikes all through San Francisco. My mind was completely at ease as I walked along the canal with my best friend.

That's my baby!
Yeah, I'm the Canal Troll, and I'm gonna break the law!
Looks like there is going to be 6 more weeks of winter!
Peking duck? More like Peking Chiweenie!

I owe a lot to this six pound flea bag. Because of her, I got healthy and am now in the best shape of my life. Chewbacca was a rescue dog with a pretty troubled past. She was a pregnant stray when the Peninsula Humane Society found her.  There was probably some abuse that went on as well. Thankfully, the kind folks at PHS took very good care of her.  I knew right away that she was the one for me and it didn't take long before I adopted her. People tell me all the time that I did a good thing by rescuing this dog, but the reality is that she rescued me. 

For those who don't know, I am pursuing Titanium for all of Chewbacca's homeless four legged friends.  All proceeds of my fundraising will go to the Peninsula Humane Society, the folks who helped me find my side kick. This dog has changed my life for the better, and it is my hope that her furry friends at the Peninsula Humane Society will do the same for another. If you would like to throw some coins at the chiweenie, please do so here!

Titanium Score Board: 49 down, 3 to go.

I love that Chewbacca looks so unimpressed. Sorry Chew, we're going home now, promise! Only three left! COUNT IT DOWN WITH ME PEEPS! THREE!!!!!!!!

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