Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pleasanton Half Marathon

Now this is runner's high!

BEAST MODE!!! Endorphin Dude went incognito for the Pleasanton Half Marathon. No cape, no headband. There were plenty of endorphins though. Your marathon caped crusader scored another major improvement. 2:33:23 half marathon baby! Woo Hoo!! Guess who's bouncing off walls? As if that was not enough, we all headed to my favorite place for lunch: HOOTERS!

Group shot!
My favorite dining establishment!

Every day I am seeing my goal of reaching my pre-Titanium form come to fruition. I am working hard and I am seeing the dividends pay off. Not only am I down 13 pounds, but I cranked out a strong half marathon today. Check out the incredible progress that I have made this year so far:

3:46:02 - Surf City (2/6/12)
3:15:28 - Hellyer (2/18/12)
2:53:09 - Oakland (3/25/12)
2:41:31 - US Half (4/8/12)
2:33:23 - Pleasanton (4/29/12)

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