Sunday, December 9, 2012

Crazy 8, Day 1

The Chiweenie Meets The Manimal.

If you saw this guy on the side walk, would you let your little dog come up and sniff him? Chewbacca was curious. She thought there was a punk poodle on his face. I had to let the little one approach Mr. Fuschia Beard to see what's up. He picked her up and they instantly bonded. Well, sort of. After Chewbacca realized that there was no poodle in that beard, she got a little antsy. Good thing she didn't pee on him. Chewbacca, meet The Manimal. Yes, I know the guy with the I'm-Coming-Up-So-You-Better-Get-This-Party-Started facial hair.

Wayne Sherman is a fellow Marathon Maniac who came out all the way from the other side of the country to run the Crazy 8 series. I met Wayne last year during my Titanium quest and we quickly became friends. What I will always remember about this guy is that he called me the day of my 52nd marathon of that quest to make sure that I didn't miss my flight. Mind you, he did this during his marathon. It was great to see Mr. Sherman out there on the course and knowing that he was going to be there all week. I only did the half marathon today, and I don't plan to limit the marathons for the rest of the year. There is this nagging pain in my foot that's bothering me. This is only day two of my 16 races in 13 consecutive days quest, so I took it easy. I only have a few marathons scheduled in the next 12 days, but we'll see how this foot holds up.

Hooters dixie cups at the aid station!