Saturday, December 8, 2012

Summit Rock Half Marathon

I've become quite obsessed with time, and by that, I don't necessarily mean personal records. Without a doubt, it is my goal with every race to do the best that I can and improve. There is another element of time that has consumed me, and that is finishing within the cut off. Many races offer an early start option, and while I think this is great for hikers and slower runners, I want to be able to complete a race with everyone else. I have taken the early start many times, but now that I have reached this new level of fitness and endurance, I want to challenge myself further.

I showed up to Summit Rock with a lot of nerves. I don't love this course. The last time I ran this technical trail, I picked up an injury in my left foot. I kept thinking in the back of my mind that if I took the early start, I could just walk most of the way to avoid any possible injuries or grief. That, however, would defeat the purpose of this challenge. I stayed far away from the early start line to avoid any temptation of jumping in. I wanted to conquer Summit Rock under four hours, and with my Mafates strapped on my feet, I kept telling myself that I had a legitimate shot at this. How hard could it be? All it is up one big uphill and then down I go, right?

With my bright yellow Hokas on my feet, I power hiked up the hills, ran the flats, and sprinted my way down. I kept focus and 3 hours and 21 minutes later, I crossed that finish line. I am happy to announce that I earned a new course record at Summit Rock! The first time I ran these trails, I limped in at about 4:15. Woo Hoo!

I have graduated from the early start! The goal now is to get even fitter and faster so that I could get an age award! Ok, maybe that's wishful thinking, but as long as I have that goal in my head, I will keep working hard. Who knows, I may place in the top three Rocky Ridge next year. Hmm.

Love my Brazen Family!

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