Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Fast Pass

Walking is a great aerobic activity, one in which has helped me lose a huge chunk of weight. If I had my way, I'd be walking my dog every night for a few hours. Unfortunately, I have this little thing called a day job, so I am unable to do this. I do manage to walk her for about an hour or so, but with daylight savings time coming up soon, I won't be able to get the maximum cardio workout in. Enter the fast pass. With this ticket, I am able to take the bus anywhere in San Francisco! So rather than driving to work in morning, I take the 38L-Geary to O'Farell and Van Ness and walk the rest of the way to work. By doing this, I am able to fit in 90 minutes of cardio per day. This is a win win situation for me, as my heart gets its exercise and I don't lose my parking spot!