Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Chicken Soup For The Soul

A few days have passed since the Eye-Q Two Cities Half Marathon, and I am not embarrassed to say that I am still on runner's high. My body is almost at 100%, and hopefully by tomorrow, I will be able to get back on Ocean Beach for a run. I am so motivated, and am looking forward to the Las Vegas Rock & Roll Half Marathon in about 4 weeks.

I have proven to myself that I am the real deal. I am a runner! My performance in Fresno proved that I am not a fluke, and that the San Jose Rock & Roll Half was not a one shot deal. I believe I was able to achieve my PR of 2:11:26 because of these modifications:
  • Replacing the iPhone with a Shuffle. The lightness of the clip on mp3 player probably saved me a few seconds.
  • Applying chafing cream to the thighs. Oo-wee, this made a world of difference.
  • Contact lens! Yes, it's so nice to see where you are running.
  • Nip Guards! Yes, I know, TMI, but I have to put it out there. Two Band-Aids on the nipples will save you so much pain once you hit mile 8.
  • Keeping a steady pace all the way through.
I am very confident and motivated now. My sophomore effort was a huge success. I will continue to challenge myself. I am healthy, happy, and loving life. At this time, please allow me to offer up some chicken soup for the soul: Smile until your face aches. Laugh until your lungs collapse. Become your own biggest fan. Appreciate, respect, and love yourself, and everything will fall into place. Life is sweet so go ahead and take a bite out of it. No worries, it's sugar free, low-cal, and carb-less!

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