Sunday, November 29, 2009

Run Wild For A Child

Let's call it what it is: I did *not* run the turkey trot. I like to think that I did, but the bottom line is that I only ran 40% of it. I think I even cheated, and took a shortcut home! Because of this guilt, I made up for it by running the "Run Wild For A Child" 5k after Thanksgiving.

Joining me was Christine Clark, Mary Castillo, and Luis Rodriguez, members of "The Chew Crew." If I hadn't mentioned it before, I formed a little exercise club to people who were in the same shoes I was get back into shape. The name is a derivative of my dog Chewbacca, the little chiweenie that got me off the couch out walking her for hours on end. I am very happy to announce that the Chew Crew did an awesome job. These guys get props just for showing up, but to cross the finish line really shows commitment.

I give double kudos to Mary for being brave enough to show up in costume! Because this race benefits the San Francisco Firefighter's Toy Program, runners can dress up in their favorite child hood toy and compete for two Southwest Airlines tickets. When Mary showed up at my door step at 6am in full Minnie Mouse gear, she nearly had a stroke when she saw me in regular running clothes. I had changed my mind about going in costume because I wasn't too satisfied with my Monopoly Man Get Out Of Jail get up. When I saw that Mary was about to break down, I knew I had to throw on that jail bird suit. I'm glad I did, because both Mary and I walked away with medals for participation!

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