Saturday, November 7, 2009

Intestinal Fortitude

I'd love to call our next documentary "Intestinal Fortitude." When we interviewed ultra runner Charles Wickersham this afternoon, he came up with these two words in a sentence. I don't remember what context they were in, but it was funny. The past couple of projects that It Donned On Me put out, we ended up using titles that were direct quotes: "A Place Like This...," "Intrinsic Self," and "Sur Mesure." Why not "Intestinal Fortitude for this documentary short on ultra running? Maybe not.

I spent the day in Modesto with the IDOM crew to film the interview portion of our upcoming documentary on ultra running. The timing was impeccable, as I am running a half marathon tomorrow! We filmed at Dr. Wickersham's home and then at the pharmacy where he works. We got some great footage, which will fit in perfectly with the footage we got two weeks ago at the San Francisco One Day, the 24 hour ultra running event at Crissy Field.

I'm loving this project. I am able to combine the two things I love: filming making and running. We will head into post production now, and hopefully "Intestinal Fortitude" will make it's debut in December. I know my director and editor is cringing right now, reading that ghastly title! Ok, ok, ok, we'll leave it untitled for the time being.