Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dolphin South End Easter 5k

My name is Endorphin Dude, and I got to scratch something off my bucket list this morning...

Figured it out yet?  No worries, I won't keep you in suspense.  This marathon caped crusader turned bunny wabbit got to be race director for the day!  What an awesome experience, and to be able to do this for my running club is icing on the cake.  On top of that icing is more icing, because Endorphin Dude got to be co-race directors with his running partner in crime, Ultra Woof!  And just when you thought there was no more room for any sugar, on top of that icing on that original layer of icing is more icing!  Chris Bliss was our right hand bunny!

Stike a pose.

After yesterday's 50k, the last thing I wanted was to run a 5k.  I'm glad I had this opportunity to be race director.  Ultra Woof and I brought our personal style to this Easter 5k, and it's probably safe to say that we knocked the Easter egg out of the park.  People seemed to have a lot of fun watching two marathon maniac bunnies lead the way.  We both received positive feedback and were even asked by some DSE members when we would return.  I am definitely open to that!

Getting started.
*clears throat* Ladies & Gentle Peeps!  Welcome to the DSE Easter 5k!
On your mark, get set...
Alex Munoz coming in for the finish!
And the kids race begins!
I'll let you come up with a caption for this one!

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