Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Marathon

Imagine the Boston Athletic Association implementing an artistic impression requirement to their qualification criteria. Runners would be scored not only on their technical merit, which would be how fast it takes them to get to the finish line, but also for their presentation skills. That would mean that the likes of Ryan Hall and Kara Goucher would have to step up their game and add some flare to their supination! Imagine receiving extra points for best high five to a volunteer handing out cups of water or getting high marks for most creative action shot pose for the paparazzi. Running marathons would be like figure skating! If this new judging criteria were implemented, Endorphin Dude would not only BQ, but he'd probably win!

Eat your heart out Kristi Yamaguchi!

There's always a madness to the Endorphin race reports, and there is a reason why your marathon caped crusader is referencing figuring skating. The first reason should be painfully obvious: I WANT TO BQ, and the only way I can do this is via my presentation scores! The second reason may not be as apparent. In figure skating, there is a move called the "Double Axel," which is a jump that consists of two and one-half revolutions in the air. Endorphin Dude executed the Double Axel of marathons this weekend, having completed two full marathons and a half. This is the first time E-Dude has finished a combination of this kind: 65.5 miles in three days. The most he has ever run in one weekend is the treacherous marathon/50k combination of the Labor of Love ultra weekend, so landing this jump is a big deal! Now if only the Boston Athletic Association would recognize this feat...hmm.

Yes, I am insane.

It's very fitting that the final race of my Double Axel weekend was The Labor Day Marathon. This was a very laborious weekend for me. I was very nervous about this particular race because the last time I attempted this course, I showed up on the wrong side of the canyon! The Dove Canyon Marathon became the "Endorphin Dude Raiders Of The Lost Dark Foot Race." The "dark" in that name refers to the fact that I spent the bulk of that race both literally and figuratively in the dark. 

After enduring the intensity of the other side of the canyon, it was only natural that I would be just a little nervous. It didn't help that the course description read, "Entire course will be run on a hilly and challenging out-and-back route with beautifully scenic views of the canyon and the mountains surrounding the Dove Canyon community." To my shock, this course was significantly less technical and much more pleasing to my quads. It certainly wasn't easy, but compared to the other side of that canyon, this was cake. With my before the crack of dawn early start, a Camelback full of water, and a pair of Ultra Woof approved chopsticks, I was able to finish this race in seven and a half hours. Along the way, I got to high five a bunch of Marathon Maniacs.

Who says marathons can't be fun?
One of the most inspiring figures in running. Rosemarie Jeanpierre took control of life and dropped 110 pounds without surgery. She did it on her own. It just goes to show that exercise and eating right does work!
I was so happy when Cadillac Steve, Sofie, and Sue Bear showed up. I was delirious all by myself out on this trail at 3am. They arrived and the sun came up. These three got me my negative split! These guys are speedy. They're way ahead of me here.
Charlie Alewine Racing regulars: Jim Grimes, Dale Roberts and Luigi Giovanni. How did a Mexican guy get the name "Luigi Giovanni"??
Seriously, I should get a BQ just for this pose.
Yes, I've become quite the nature nut now. The flora and fauna that I saw were really great. Extra credit to those who can name that tune from where that line came from!

So there you have it: 65.5 miles in three days. Endorphin Dude has completed the Double Axel of marathons! This was not an easy feat, but I had my eyes on the prize the whole time: TITANIUM. In order for me to capture this prize, I will need to stay focused from now to the end of the year. There is no room for error. At this point, I feel like I'm coming into the free skate in fourth place and that I will have to pull out all the stops to land on that top podium. I believe I can do it. I am injury free, healthy, and motivated. I know I can get there based on my technical ability alone, but it sure would be nice if I can get bonus points for my presentation!

Marathons #34 and #35 done! Titanium Score Board: 28 down, 24 to go.

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