Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lake Merced 4.5M

After experiencing the exorcism of El Diablo yesterday, all I wanted was to be surrounded by my DSE running family. These people are like the hang over comfort foods after a harsh night of shameless bacchanalia. I needed my running club family to help ease the pain of that agonizing Diablo DNF.  Thankfully, the DSE Lake Merced Half Marathon and 4.5 miler was on the schedule for this weekend.

I showed up at the lake with only the intention of volunteering. I had no legs to run so I sat at the table before the race and sliced oranges and bananas for the runners. After cutting up what felt like 5000 pieces of fruit, my peeps showed up and convinced me to walk the 4.5 miler.  I figured it would be a mall pace stroll and with over two hours to do it, I went for it.

This walk around the lake proved to be quite therapeutic for me. Half way through the stroll, I stopped feeling angry about that DNF. Hanging out with my DSE peeps allowed me to move on from that dreadful experience on Mount Diablo. I was able to reboot and clear my mind.


Sometimes you just have to step back and start over. This wasn't exactly the weekend I expected, but I had my gripe session and now it's time to move on. I am lucky to have my running family to help get me through these rough patches.

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  1. That's such a great picture! It's great that you have this group and all the fun runners it has to help get you through that weekend. (It's not like the following weekend is a breeze...)