Saturday, November 26, 2011

Feeling Stuffed Marathon

After the Mayflower Marathon, I got back to my room and continued to R.I.C.E, and by that I don't mean pigging out on the fried rice of Panda Express! Thanks to fellow Marathon Maniac Elizabeth McKay, Endorphin Dude had a very comfortable cottage on the lake to stay during this Triple Turkey weekend. It was cool to be in a house with Chewbacca rather than sequestered in a Motel 6. It was also nice to have a comfortable bed where I could just sprawl out and relax. I stayed off that bum foot for the rest of the day. I fell asleep at 5pm and when I woke up ten hours later, the pain was gone! My mental state made a complete 360. I felt good going into the second marathon of this triple header weekend!

Another dark o'clock start.
Cadillac Steve and Sofie were instrumental in getting me to the finish line yesterday. Today, they were very happy to see me smile. I was happy to see me smile! I was happy to see these two out there for the dark o'clock early start with me!

Even though my foot felt healed, I still took it easy. Fortunately, this was a flat out and back course so I didn't have to put too much stress on my body. I also got to see other runners pass me on a few occasions. Some runners don't like this, but I do. I like being able to high five my fellow runners as they zoom past me. I'm not one of those tunnel visioned marathoners who is only concerned about their finish time. I am very social and I like schmoozing it up with peeps along the course. I got to do a lot of this today!

Here's a great group of Maniacs. From left to right: Me, Ultra Pussy Cat, Shoney Mahoney, Coconut Boy, Deo, Brady Wentlandt, Shawna Wentlandt, Doggie Doc Jim Grimes, and soon to be minted Marathon Maniac Mike Hanson (he qualified with this race).
And away we go!
Action shot!
Mike and Jim going for their second loop.
The couple that runs together, stays together!
Gotta love Rosemarie and Raoul.
The winners! My trophy is a banana.

What a difference a day--and quality sleep--makes. I got my mojo back, and everyone on the course who ran yesterday's marathon knew right away. I had so much fun today. The medal rocks with the cartoon turkey on it! I'm excited for tomorrow's race, the third and final in this Thanksgiving Triple Extravaganza!

Titanium Score Board: 45 down, 7 to go.

You'll probably notice that the date on the medal doesn't match up. Charlie Alewine gave us all Sunday's medal instead of today's. It's all good, because I know I'll get that other medal tomorrow. Let's count it down peeps: SEVEN!!!!!!!!

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