Sunday, November 27, 2011

Running From The Turkey Marathon

When I completed the Charlie Alewine Thanksgiving Half Marathon Triple Weekend last year, I wrote something in my race report that's worth a repeat mention:

In bowling, if you nail three strikes in a row, you've bowled yourself a turkey. This Thanksgiving weekend, I struck out! Endorphin Dude trotted his way through the Turkey Triple, completing 3 half marathons in 3 days. The best part? DUDE! I got a trophy!!!

The only modification I will make to that statement is that this year it was a 78.6 mile finish! I am very proud and relieved to get this Thanksgiving Turkey weekend done. The final marathon of this triple weekend went very well. I once again took it easy and had a leisurely walk along Huntington Beach with my dog. It took me a while to get to that finish line, but that's ok. A finish is a finish. Along the way, I got to high five many of my running buddies.

The Danimal!
One of the funniest guys in the Insane Asylum, Mr. Haywood Crowder.
Marina Vasolina!
There's Coconut Boy and Shoney Mahoney. Thanks for the free therapy, Dr. Coconut!
I love it. Good job Shawna and Jessica. You guys rock!

When my foot acted up earlier in the week, I panicked. But because Titanium was on the line, I had to step back and patiently get through it. I believe the Marathon Gods decided to shake me up a little by throwing rocks at my foot, but then healing it up right before the triple started. Any other time, I would have just not shown up. Hitting this goal of 52 marathons in 52 weeks is extremely important to me, and I will do anything to nail it. I've made it this far, I couldn't let a little pain in the foot stop me. I took it conservatively all three days and made it across all three finish lines. Thank you Charlie Alewine and all my fellow runners and friends for getting me through this arduous weekend!

Titanium Scoreboard: 46 down, 6 to go.

I can add another triple to my resume. I can also add another 22 inch trophy to my mantle! Yay! I am now within striking distance of my goal. I can see the finish line from here.  Let's count it down peeps: SIX!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I like how, in that picture with Haywood, it looks like, in addition to Chewie, you've also got a HUGE stick for her to chase.

    Anyone that does back to back marathons is amazing. Anyone that does back to back to back marathons is insane. And even more amazing. Wow.