Sunday, August 12, 2012

Brisbane Scenic Run 5k

I'll get that buckle for you, Chewbacca!

This is the only distance that eludes me. I am so ready to conquer 100 miles next weekend. I am well trained, physically fit, and mentally solid. Most importantly, I WANT THIS. I will bring home that belt buckle for that little dog who got me off that couch and into those running shoes.

First up though is my final race before the big 100 miler. The Brisbane Scenic Run 5k was a good taper run for me. Who am I kidding, I didn't run it. When Chewbacca comes along for the ride, there's a whole lot of stop and go. I did get a good work out in, as there was a huge hill that I had to climb! The Chiweenie didn't get too much exercise though. Due to oncoming traffic, I stashed her in the doggie back pack for safety reasons. Sorry I had to call you out on that, little mutt.

Ha ha, no ribbon for you Chewbacca! You only walked a 1k!

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