Thursday, August 9, 2012

DSE Summer Evening Race Series #10

Lynnard & Bill, two legends!

I got out there on a Thursday after work to run the Summer Evening Race Series #10. 4.5 miles around Lake Merced. I was experimenting with different things in preparation for Run De Vous next week. I ran a very comfortable 12 minute pace. I'm getting really excited for my 100 miler. 

I love the fact that I am surrounded by incredible runners whom I look up to. Lynnard and Bill are two running super stars who earned their belt buckles at Run De Vous last year. Noe is a selfless human being who just wants to see runners succeed. This guy is pretty amazing. I got to pick these three runner's brains on strategy for my 100 miler. These guys have a wealth of experience and knowledge and I have nothing but respect for them. This is what I love about the running community.

Me with the selfless Noe.

On a completely different note, I am happy to say that this vegetarian thing is going pretty well for me. I am about a month into this life style change and all is good. I went to my company picnic today and was surrounded by hot dogs, hamburgers, and bacon, all the carnivorous foods that I love. I walked away from the meat plate and picked up some tofu dogs and veggie skewers. The best part was that it did not bother me at all in the least. I didn't crave the meat and I wasn't salivating and panting like a food deprived chihuahua ready to jump at the plate of flesh! This is a good thing! 

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