Sunday, August 5, 2012

Presidio Cross Country 5k


Me and my home boy Ace, we be big pimpin' at da S.F.5.K. What do you think, did the two of us pull off that hood rat ghetto toughness? You scared?

After pacing my sister to her whopping 9 minute PR at The Summer Breeze Half Marathon yesterday, I got out there and casually walked the Presidio Cross Country 5k. This is actually a tough course complete with a sandy uphill climb. I'm glad I took this one easy because my quads were still screaming from yesterday's run. It took me awhile to get to that finish line, but that's ok. I had all the time in the world. Taking it easy allowed me the opportunity to reflect on my sister's incredible performance yesterday. She's really motivated now to get even faster. I love that.


  1. Wish I had known you then. This was my first DSE race and first one after I moved into my permanent place in SF. I took just had fun with it and boy was it fun. Yes it was tough, but it ignited a spark for trail running.