Sunday, October 25, 2009

San Francisco One Day

It Donned On Me is putting together a web series on "normal people who do not so normal things." The idea is to feature everyday people who have unique hobbies or interests that may make one go "hmm." These mini-documentaries will be entered into festivals and competitions throughout the United States, and will also be featured on a designated It Donned On Me web series site. For our inaugural subject, we will feature Dr. Charles Wickersham, a pharmacist by day and an ultrarunner by night. Dr. Wickersham just so happens to be my marathon mentor and trainer, and you may have seen previous blog entries and tweets referring to him as "Wickpharm."

Dr. Wickersham has run a lot of races, but the San Francisco One Day, a 24 hour run around the lagoon in Crissy Field, is something that people will no doubt find compelling. We all know about marathons and the smaller races, but the general public is probably not familiar with the 100 mile run or the 24 hour run. I'm sure that many think Dr. Wickpharm is nuts for running these races, and this is exactly what makes him the perfect candidate for this project. It Donned On Me spent the whole weekend with Dr. Wickersham as he ran 100.79 miles in 20 hours and 46 minutes.

I had the honor of being Dr. Wickersham's pacer for the final 10 miles of this event. Speed walking from 3am to 6am in the dark was definitely a challenge, but I did what I could do to get my friend to the finish line. What Dr. Wickersham did this weekend is amazing. He continues to inspire me again and again.

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