Monday, October 15, 2012

Men's And Women's Marathon

That's my "Ta-Da!" pose. What am I Ta-Da-ing about? I can finally fit into my Lagoon Valley shirt! It took a few months, but I am now able to get that tech shirt on without showing too much scoops of flesh. I'm tired of things hanging out where they shouldn't, so it's nice to finally be able to comfortably fit into smaller sizes. Ta Da!

I really wanted to wear that Lagoon Valley shirt because I knew it would be foggy out at Lake Merced. I wanted to have that Creature From The Black Lagoon look and feel as I ran the Men's And Women's Marathon. You gotta love these Monday marathons. I love the fact that Tracy's Racing puts on races during the week. What better way to cure the Monday morning blues than to run a marathon? The funny thing is that I was only planning on 13.1 miles, but when Tracy waved the creepy yet wildly creative bling at me, I had to double up the mileage.

What I love about Tracy's Racing is that it's low key and a lot of fun. I come out to chill with the regulars and to welcom the newbies. I don't particularly love Lake Merced, but this course allows runners to see each other every lap, as we have to turn and run the opposite direction for each alternate loop.

We had visitors from Germany and Virginia! Welcome! I had to get my photo with the out of towners before the race. At the Tracy's Quadtoberfest, we had two "fake" Germans. It's nice to have real ones this time around. The added bonus: we also had a Virginian!
The usual suspects.

It took me awhile to get this race done. I was in no hurry. After Saturday's epic 2:07:04 half marathon PR, my legs are beat. Also, there was actually two marathons going on. Along with The Men's And Women's Race, there was also Bill's Birthday Marathon, which happened shortly after. The gentleman in the middle of the back row in the photo above is Bill, and today is his 65th birthday. Here's the kicker: today was also his 65th marathon! Congratulations to you Bill. You rock.

Happy Birthday Bill!
And there's the creepy yet wildly creative bling.

And just like that, I am up to life time marathon #77. I am still on pace to completing my 100th marathon at the 2013 San Francisco Marathon. Now I have to find the perfect spot for my creepy doll bling. Maybe I'll put them right next to my Lagoon Valley Half Marathon medal. Ta Da!

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  1. Love the Lagoon Valley shirt and look. And Bill - that guy is WAY awesome. I love the idea of these Monday Marathons, but sadly, not enough to take a day off work for. Nice report!