Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rockaway Beach 5k

Before heading out to cheer on 25,000 Nike Women, I had to squeeze in a 5k in the morning! After my epic half marathon PR yesterday, I could only muster up a walk with Chewbacca. It's only a 5k, so I know the chiweenie could handle it. Heck, that little mutt handled it better than I did! Chewbacca may have tiny legs, but she can certainly keep up. They say that to determine a dog's age, you multiply the year by seven. Does this work for distance as well? If so, then that would mean that Chewbacca walked a 21.3 miler. Almost a marathon!

Once we finished our 5k, Chewbacca and I headed back to our neck of the woods. Since I live two blocks from the Nike Women's Marathon finish line, I had to get out there to support all the ladies! It was fun standing out there by the Cliff House cheering everyone as they cruised down The Great Highway. I definitely felt that second hand runner's high, and it was pretty darn awesome. The best part of the day was seeing the back of the packers push themselves. Many were participating in their first half marathons. I know that look of determination. To all the first time Nike Women finishers, I am so proud of  you. Thank you for letting me be a part of your incredible experience.

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