Monday, October 22, 2012

Pork-A-Thon Half

Too much FIERCE, I can't handle it!

Here's the latest in haute couture. Now this is relentless fashion forward motion. The new winter marathon line from the Tracy Crane collection has hit the runways of Paris, Milan, and Sacramento. Fashionable and functional, this eye popping ensemble, complete with piggy accessory, made quite the statement on Endorphin Dude. That statement was "Dang. It's cold and wet. Gotta get this 13.1 miler done!" Sure enough, E-Dude power cat walked his way to life time half marathon #80. Strike a pose.

It was wet and cold out there at the Pork-A-Thon Half Marathon this morning. I wasn't prepared. Race Director Tracy quickly made a make shift poncho for me when she saw me freezing in the rain. I came into this race intending to run 26.2 miles, but it just wasn't in the cards for me. The rain poured down hard and my cotton hoodie got heavier by the minute. Mother Nature threw a bucket of water at me and by mile 7, I was soaked and shivering like a wet chihuahua.

I still had quite a few miles to go and I wanted to give up. Then out of nowhere, Half Fanatic Sabrina popped out to run with me. She wasn't even in the race, but when she saw pics that Tracy had posted online, she came out to root the runners on. She gave me the boost of energy I needed to finish. Also on the course was my buddy Brian. This guy planned to only run a half marathon and seven additional training miles. When he reached his goal, he joined Sabrina and I. When he realized he had power walked 3 miles with us, he threw in another 3 just to complete the marathon distance.

Thank you Sabrina, Brian, and Tracy. We should have put Tracy in this group shot too!

I was miserable out there, but Tracy, Sabrina, and Brian got me through it. I wanted to give up and go home. Thanks to these three, I got to that finish line once again. This is why I do what I do. I love my running family.

There's my piggy medal!

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