Monday, October 8, 2012

Quadtoberfest Half Marathon Day 4

When I pulled up to the start line, I saw this chick standing next to a guy I knew. I was thinking to myself, "um, that's Gary Morgan, but who's that chick he's with?" Then I thought to myself, "Damn, that bastard is cheating on his wife with some hot chick. And what an idiot! He's cheating on her with another Half Fanatic!" Talk about Days Of Our Half Fanatic Lives. I then thought to myself, hmm, should I tell his wife Brandi? Or maybe her mom? Her brother? I was in a pickle. What to do what to do. 

So I approached the couple. It turned out it was his wife after all, but she had dropped 62 pounds! Yup, Brandi Pettit Morgan dropped a 100k worth of weight! Congratulations to you, Brandi, on the weight loss and the completion of your first double! Thank you for chaperoning me through this race. I almost didn't make it out of bed, and if you hadn't been there, this race probably would have taken me over 6 hours to complete!

Brandi and I took a picture together one year ago at the Tahoe Triple and one today at the Quadtoberfest Day 4 Half Marathon. What a difference a year makes!

And there it is, four half marathons in four days. I even threw in a 5k so that I could get extra bling! In the past three weeks, I have put 141.2 miles on these legs: 10 half marathons, a 5 miler, and a 5k! Why oh why do I do this? Oh yeah, because I like it. Life time half marathon #77 done! 

Woo Hoo!

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