Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Men's Health Urbanathlon Update

Here's an update on my Urbanathlon training:

This is an old photo, but you get the gist of what I am doing. It's hard taking a photo of yourself with an iPhone while doing push ups! As I noted in my previous blog, the only way I can get through this Urbanathlon is by pumping up my upper body. I don't think I'll be getting that Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mr. Universe physique by the time of this event, but any strength I build up between now and then will be good. I just need to make it through those monkey bars!

I've been doing some online research on the art and science of the pushup. It seems the best way to get into top shape is via boot camp, military style. My buddy Jonesy is in the army and he showed me some basic boot camp exercises. I credit Jonesy for turning my running around, so I value everything he says, even when it's harsh. This guy doesn't sugar coat, and he flat out told me that I had no upper body strength. He told me a 12 year old girl can do a better push up than I can! As much as that stung, I took it to hear.

I found some great YouTube videos to get me moving along. I know a lot of readers out there probably do not know how do a proper push, so I hope this helps. I was doing these all wrongs before Drill Sergeant Jonesy showed me otherwise. These videos helped me improve my form.

This Urbanathlon is good for me because it forces me to work out my weak upper body. It took me a few years to master the art and science of running marathons. I know that with training and discipline, I will reach the point where I can pass a military physical fitness test. It won't happen in time for next weekend's Urbanathlon, but eventually I will get to that point. Damn those monkey bars!

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