Saturday, November 10, 2012

Santa Barbara Marathon

Two months ago, I DNF'ed for the second straight year at the Diablo Marathon. I'm not sure what it is about that mountain but I keep faltering there. That DNF bothered the devil out of me, so the next day I went out strong at the Giant Half Marathon. To my shock, I ran a 2:14 half, my second best half marathon time ever. Mind you, the last time I ran a sub-2:15 was three years ago! That race brought me a lot of confidence, and I made the bold statement that I was going gun for my first sub-5 marathon finish at CIM in December. My results kept getting better so I moved that goal up one month to Santa Barbara. When I PR'ed at the Oktoberun Half Marathon with a 2:07 finish, I moved that goal up another week. Sure enough, I earned my 4:56 marathon finish at the Two Cities Marathon!

I am now way ahead of schedule, but I will not rest on my laurels! I nailed my sub-5 marathon, and I wanted more! I came into Santa Barbara with every intention of PR-ing, but alas, my legs lost steam on the deceptively hilly course. I did finish this race in 5:14, which is my second best marathon time ever.

Woo Hoo!

It gives me great pleasure to say that I have completed 80 life time marathons/ultras since July 2010. The top four best finish times have come in the past 6 months. I must be doing something right!
  1. 4:56 - Two Cities Marathon (11/04/12)
  2. 5:14 - Santa Barbara Marathon (11/11/12) 
  3. 5:29 - San Francisco Marathon (07/29/12)
  4. 5:47 - Tacoma City Marathon (05/06/12) 
  5. 5:52 - Silicon Valley Marathon (0/31/10)
  6. 5:56 - Surf City Marathon (02/06/11) 
  7. 6:00 - Long Beach Marathon (10/17/10)
  8. 6:01 - Utah Valley Marathon (06/09/12)
  9. 6:11 - San Francisco Marathon (07/29/10)
  10. 6:28 - Two Cities Marathon (11/07/10)
Maniacs at the start line.
More Maniacs!
Woo Hoo! Finish line shot! Congratulations to Chris and Chris on their PRs!

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