Friday, November 2, 2012

Men's Health Urbanathlon: The Challenge

If you follow Endorphin Dude, you know that this marathon caped crusader runs a lot. This past week, I racked up 69.5 race miles in four days. Amazingly enough, on the fourth day of this running binge, I placed 20th overall in a field of 55 and won second place in my age division at the Zombie Runner Halloween Run Half Marathon. My legs are trained to run on back to back days, so this is nothing new for me. Running is a lot of fun, but now I will take my fitness quest to the next level.

On November 18th, I will attempt to complete the Men's Fitness Urbanathlon. It's only 10.2 miles, less than a half marathon. Easy peasy, right? Well, if it were just running, then yeah, I can do that with one IT band tied behind my thigh. The Urbanathlon is more involved and will require a bit more training than simple fartleks in front of my apartment. Check out this obstacle list:
  1. Kumho Tire Stutter Step and Plastic Barricade Combo
  2. Plastic Barricades and Police Barricade Combo
  3. Subaru Crawl, Marine Hurdles and Police Barricade Combo
  4. AT&T Park Stair Climb
  5. Monkey Bars and Parallel Bars Combo
  6. Cargo Net and Traffic Cones with Poles Combo
  7. Traffic Jam – NEW IN 2012
  8. Over, Under, Through – NEW IN 2012
  9. Tissot 40 Yard Dash – NEW IN 2012
  10. Taxis & Buses to Chain Link Crawl to Wall Finish

I am assuming that number five on that list does not involve Pilsner glasses. The monkey bars are actually the ones in the playground and not the kind of bar where I can order a Racer 5. I'll have to actually swing from those bars! Oh boy.

I am looking at this list and checking out my upper body and realizing that I probably bit off more than I can chew, but I'm up for the challenge! So the training will now commence. I have 16 days to get in shape. I'll be following the Men's Health Urbanathlete Training Plan, doing a bunch of burpees (yikes!), jumping chin ups (eek!), and sprints (that I can handle). Wish me luck.

I'm ready! BRING IT ON!


  1. You're an awesome inspiration! You can do it :)

  2. I think I remember people running this last year while I was doing a DSE race. This looks tough - I like the AT&T stair climb and going over the taxis and busses. Crawling under things looks hard. And I like that they didn't bring in mud. You are going to have a bit too much fun with this.