Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jeff Crispi, Cancer Survivor

Meet Jeff Crispi. Mr. Crispi is one of the most colorful people I've met in a long time. After my 10k, I left Modesto and headed to Walnut Creek to MC his 40th birthday bash. Thanks to the endorphins, I was able to make it through the evening without passing out. I could have ditched this party altogether, but I really wanted to be there. Jeff had something to do with my quest to get healthy. Jeff is a film maker and he is working on documentary called "Full Scale: The Divine Proportion." This film chronicles his quest to lose 100 pounds and to beat cancer. Jeff invited me to be a part of this project, and I happily accepted. I was supposed to just talk about my issues of weight, but somehow it turned into something more. After my interview, I started my walks. Next thing I knew, I got healthy. I have to give Jeff some credit for my transformation. Happy Birthday, Mr. Crispi.