Monday, September 7, 2009

The Pre-Vegas Run

Right after the Color The Skies 5k, I left Modesto and zoomed off to SFO to pick up my cousin Freddy from Minnesota. Cousin Freddy spent every summer in California when we were kids, so his visit to San Francisco is like a mini reunion, only this time we won't be spending hundreds of dollars at the San Mateo County Fair trying to win an action figure that oozed out slime. That, by the way, is an embarrassingly true story. Cousin Freddy and will stay in San Francisco for one night and then it's the road trip to Sin City! So instead of dropping $1 bills at the fair, we'll be dropping $20 bets on the roulette tables. My, how times have changed.

I did not want to drive 10 hours straight to get to Vegas, so we pit stopped in Visalia over night. My mom lives in this central valley town, "The Gateway To The Sequoias," so I figured this would be the perfect place to stop. Mom was very happy to see Nephew Fred. She was also very happy to see Chewbacca. Oh, did I mention that she was going to chiweenie sit while I was partying in Vegas? Ah, gotta love grandmas. In any case, before heading out, I had to squeeze in a quick run in Visalia. I managed to pull out 4.33 miles at 11:21 early labor day morning. Of course, I had to run through the corn fields...

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