Saturday, September 19, 2009

Memorial Medical Center Cancer Awareness Run & Ride

The official results are in! I finished 89th out of 160 runners, and I did it in 59:06. That's 6.2 miles at 9:31, far better than what I had aimed for! I did pretty darn good for my first 10k, if I do say so myself. I applied what I learned from my 5k race two weeks ago, and as a result, I finished this race in under one hour. All my hard work is really paying off, and I am stoked for the San Jose Rock & Roll Half Marathon! Here is the lap to lap breakdown:

Lap 1, 8:05am - 8.21 per mile.I didn't speed out of the gate this time around! I learned from my mistake two weeks ago in Ripon, so I made sure I paced myself.

Lap 2, 8:13am - 9.17 per mile.
I remember thinking to myself, "Damn, my iPod is on shuffle mode!" I had no idea what song was going to come up next. I don't think this was a good thing because my rhythm was thrown off.

Lap 3, 8:22am - 9.32 per mile.
I was feeling confident by mile three. When I hit the halfway point, I saw Wickpharm at the water station. I gave him a high 5.

Lap 4, 8:32am - 10.02 per mile.
By mile four, I was telling myself that I should slow down and walk. Then my mind would tell me, "uh, why would you do that? Your body is doing fine!" So I just kept going, and I was feeling good.

Lap 5, 8:42am - 9.56 per mile.
Feeling good! I think this was when Endorphin Dude took over my body and I flew!

Lap 6, 8:52am - 10.02 per mile.
My mind wandered off by mile six. My legs were getting tired, so my mind drifted off to Jeff Crispi's birthday party. Jeff is a film friend of mine and I was invited to be the master of ceremonies at his 40th birthday bash. By mile six, I was thinking about the jokes I was going to throw out during his roast. By the way, Jeff is a cancer survivor, and I ran in his honor.

Lap 7 - The Finish Line.
As I crossed the finish line, I couldn't help show how happy I was. It was the endorphins. I was on such a high. I shouted to all the spectators, "I DID IT! IT'S MY FIRST 10K EVER! I JUST LOST A HUGE CHUNK OF WEIGHT AND NO LONGER HAVE HIGH CHOLESTEROL!" I said so many silly things that I don't even really remember exactly what it was that I said, but you get the picture. It was definitely an out of body experience, as Endorphin Dude took over!

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