Thursday, September 24, 2009

TwirlyBoy Slims Down

The tape measure does not lie, and this photo is not doctored. I seriously do not recall ever reaching a whopping 44 inches in waist size! In fact, I even tried to rationalize it by saying to myself that my stylist was being generous when she took my measurements so that I would comfortably fit into my TwirlyBoy costume. I realize now that I was in denial all along! All my pants had elastic in them, so even though they read "38" on the label, they actually stretched a few more inches! The fact that I never wore jeans during this time just confirmed it. DAMN! I had a 44 inch waist!!

By the way, for those who do not know, I starred is a short film called "TwirlyBoy." I am the "Chief Instigator" of It Donned On Me, a competitive film making team located in the San Francisco Bay Area. We compete in timed film competitions such as the 48 Hour Film Project, The International Documentary Challenge, and the Seven Day Film Challenge. For our 2008 San Jose 48 Hour Film Project entry, I stepped out of the role of executive producer and into the lime light! Check me out in all my rotund glory!

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